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General cardiologist and cardiac oncologist Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli MD focuses on providing excellent care to his patients in the fast-paced environment of Polaris Heart and Vascular Clinic in Woodbridge, Virginia. Growing up in Italy, he earned his medical degree and in fact received two fellowships in clinical pathology and cardiology before coming to the United States.

Clearly interested in furthering his expertise instead of resting on laurels, he later relocated to Detroit, Michigan. There he completed an additional residency with emphasis on internal medicine and was offered a cardiology fellowship in New York.

Knowing he wanted to prioritize cardiology, he accepted positions in Alabama and Virginia where he continues that work today.

Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli’s Current Role and Duties

In keeping with today’s multimedia culture, he confers with his patients at their convenience with office visits or through telemedicine. At Polaris Heart and Vascular Clinic he spends time taking patients through multiple tests to diagnose heart conditions. He also offers acute care appointments for internal medicine through two telemedicine portals.

Frequent facets of his day-to-day work include:

Meeting with cardiology and internal medicine patients

Reading ECGs (over 1,000 to date)

Assessing echocardiograms with GLS

Reviewing nuclear stress tests

Administering treadmill tests

Interpreting Holter monitoring studies

Career History

Dr. Scarabelli is board-certified in both cardiovascular disease and internal medicine.

Working at University of Alabama Birmingham in 2015-2016, he brought his experience to Birmingham’s VA Hospital and started a cardiac oncology service there with cardiac echocardiography unit. In 2017-2018 he led Virginia Commonwealth University’s cardiac oncology program.

Now his contributions to cardiology and cardiac oncology continue with treating patients at Polaris Heart and Vascular Clinic, vigorous cardiology research, and acting as Director for the Center for Heart and Vessel Preclinical Studies at St John Hospital and Medical Center in Michigan, which he founded.

Academic History

For his residency program, he served at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan in 2012, concentrating on internal medicine. From there he was awarded a fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for cardiology and cardiac oncology, which he completed in 2015.

Research has played a crucial role in Dr. Scarabelli’s life, and since 2009 he has contributed to more than 183 peer-reviewed publications centering on translation research. His work delves into various components of myocardial infarction and injury and includes explorations into the body’s responses to these events at the cellular level.

Working with other notable physicians to conduct studies aimed at improving our understanding of heart failure, much of the time Dr. Scarabelli doesn’t spend with patients go into bettering their care by examining new ideas.

Some of his many topics of interest within the cardiology and cardiac oncology fields of study are:

Cardioprotective effects of certain flavonoids and amino acids

Genetic factors which influence cell stress, both positively and negatively

Cardioprotective effects of certain hormones and enzymes

New therapies to prevent organ rejection after heart transplant

Numerous factors surrounding cell autophagy (self-induced degradation), preventing or re-routing it

Cardiac ischemia

Aftereffects of coronary artery bypass surgery



He founded both the cardiac oncology service and the cardiac oncology echocardiography unit at the Birmingham VA Hospital in Alabama in 2015. In 2017-2018 he practiced at Virginia Commonwealth University as head of cardiac oncology services.

Dr. Scarabelli’s passion and talent for translation research led him to found the Center for Heart and Vessel Preclinical Studies at St John Hospital and Medical Center in Michigan. Presently he serves as Director and has been contributing to the hospital’s valuable work since 2003.


1990 Honors of Printing Award by Academic Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Turin

2000 Second Prize at the University College London Postgraduate Poster Competition

2000 First Prize Poster Competition Italian Society of Cardiology, Rome

2001 American Heart Association New Investigator Award, Basic Cardiovascular Council of the American Heart Association, Seattle

2003 American Heart Association Early Career Investigator Abstract Travel Award, Basic Cardiovascular Council of the American Heart Association, Orlando

2005 Fellow of the American Heart Association, induction by the Basic Cardiovascular Council, Dallas

2007 School of Medicine Teaching Award for Exceptional Teaching Contributions, selected by the WSU School of Medicine Executive Committee

2007 Prominent Medical Writer for number one most-downloaded medical article in 2007 from the International Journal of Cardiology website, nominated by the International Journal of Cardiology Editorial Board

2009-2010 Medical Student Outstanding Teacher of the Year by Henry Ford Health System Department of Medical Education, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit

2013 Best Clinical Abstract Award by American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions

2014 James Willerson Award Finalist in the Second Cardiovascular Forum for Promoting Centers of Excellence and Young Investigators, Winnipeg, Canada

2014 Fellow of the American College of Physicians, inducted by the Award Council of the American College of Physicians

2015 Best Cardiovascular Team Poster Award, American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions

2015 Clinical Article of the Year Award by American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Personal Interests/Hobbies

In his downtime, Dr. Tiziano Scarabelli MD enjoys artistically documenting his life experiences through photography. He is an enthusiastic fan of all types of photography and portrays a wide array of subjects.


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